Frequently Asked questions

I want a private booking. How do I do this?

The only way to guarantee a booking will be private is if you book a minimum of 4 of the spots in a single booking. Rooms hold 6 people and if you book as a pair (with 4 open spots remaining in the room) the 4 remaining spots are open to the public. Ensure you click "Private booking" button at the top of the booking page. 

I want to bring my kids with us. Are they allowed?

YES! Kids are allowed but we highly recommend having adult supervision. The rooms are based on adult difficulty ratings and many youngsters will have trouble without help. 

How many people can go into a room?

We recommend 4-6 people for the best experience but rooms can accommodate up to 8 maximum. 

What is the age limit?

While we have not set an age limit, we do require anyone under the age of 18 to have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to entering the room. We have added it to the website to make it easy to sign ahead of time making check in go faster and smoother. We require groups under the age of 15 to have a parent/legal guardian present/ on site while the room is running.  We recommend ages 5 and up for safety reasons.  

How long do I have?

Rooms are 45 minutes long after the introduction video ends. We ask that groups arrive 15 mins prior to the starting room time to ensure the rooms can be reset/ready to go for the next group. If you do not complete the room and there is no booking after you may purchase a 45 minute extension for 50% off.

What if I’m late?

Groups arriving with less than 5 minutes to the starting time may be subject to a time penalty. We require a certain amount of time after the room has finished to reset it for the next group. By arriving late, it will affect our reset time and time may be deducted from your 45 minutes.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend bringing a clean, dry pair of indoor shoes. If that is not possible, socks are also fine!

Are we actually locked inside?

While there is a magnetic lock keeping the door closed, we do provide you with an emergency escape button on the inside of the room. This button can be used as many times as guests require, allowing them to “escape” if a bathroom break is needed or you just need out for a few minutes! This will not stop the timer and your team can continue without you, without a penalty.

What are your prices?

We have 2 different price points depending on the room chosen:

Premium rooms (multi tiered and more automated) - $28.99 per person

Regular rooms (single tiered) - $24.99 per person

Drinking and Drugs

While we understand a night out of fun can often lead to having a few drinks or other substances, we do ask that you respect our staff, rooms, props, and puzzles.  We reserve the right to stop the game (or refuse entrance) and ask you to leave if we feel you will harm  yourself, others or items in our rooms.